Thursday, June 3, 2010

'tis the season...

The ramps are done. The asparagus is on it's way out. Memorial Day is behind us, and all of this can only mean one thing. Strawberries!

So, Rob and I went on location, to the Community Supported Garden at Genesis Farm, we picked some fruit and took some photos and, OK, we ate a little too. This trip really reminded me about why we started this blog. To get together and do what we do. I don't have a fancy story about strawberries for you, just a few recipes and Rob's beautiful images. I only hope that you enjoy it half as much as we did.

Creme Anglaise

8 egg yolks

1 cup sugar

1 quart heavy cream

vanilla or spiced rum

combine the yolks and sugar and whisk till pale, bring the cream to a boil with the vanilla or rum and whisk into the egg mixture. pour back into the sauce pan and return to the stove. over medium heat stir constantly for three to five minutes until thick. Don't cook it to long or it will curdle. Pour into a chilled bowl and use as desired. Or just pour yourself a glass and enjoy!

I made the creme anglaise and poured it straight over the berries, warm from the fieldand topped it with some crushed fresh tarragon. Simplicity at it's best.

If you were to make the above recipe and then take one cup of creme anglaise, combine it with one cup of lightly sweetened strawberry puree, one cup of lofat yogurt and one quarter of a cup sugar, you would have the base mix for our Strawberry Yo Scream. From there you put the mix into an ice cream freezer and let 'er rip! Frozen strawberry goodness with one third the fat.

One more simple elegant tecnique.

Save the egg whites when you prepare the anglaise.

Combine 8 egg whites with 1 cup of sugar. warm to room temp and then whip to stiff peaks.

Meanwhile whip 1 1/2 cups heavy cream to stiff peaks. Fold the two together with 2 cups of quartered strawberries. Spoon the mixture onto plates dressed with the anglaise. Then sprinkle with sugar and brulee with a propane torch. New Style Chiboust. Viola!


  1. Andre, I love reading your blog and viewing these fantastic photos. You are an inspiration to all foodies.... I can't wait to try some of these strawberry recipes:) Keep up the good work!!
    - Shannon Frisch