Monday, April 5, 2010


Generally speaking you can't eat the whole animal in one sitting. I do however enjoy cooking all the parts. Sometimes when I'm writing a menu it's difficult to choose which parts to cook up and serve, and which parts to save for another day. I do, and have always gotten great satisfaction out of using the whole animal. Butchering the whole duck for example, the breast is pan roasted, and served as a main course with some seasonal fruit (can't wait for the first cherries). The legs, seasoned and slow cooked in rendered duck fat for confit, with menu possibilities to numerous to mention. The extra fat is great for cooking potatoes or poaching fish. Extra skin is fried up for cracklin's to garnish a salad. The livers are whipped into a pate', the bones are roasted and simmered for a stock to eventually turn into soup or a sauce. I enjoy roasting the hearts and either pickling them or just snacking on them myself, but lately I've taken to turning them into a snack for our dogs. Man's best friend deserves an extra tasty treat now and then. The point of the story is really that it's difficult to pick which parts to serve.

Well I never thought of it in this context but Rob has the same situation going on, trying to choose which images to serve up to you on a weekly basis. So in the spirit of utilization here are some images that didn't make it into previous posts but were to tasty to rot in the hard drive.

Bon Appetite!!!

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