Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

disclaimer: "and now for something completely different"

So I hope you are all enjoying our blog. For reasons you will shortly understand Rob could not be present during the events as they unfolded. I only hope that my own snapshots will give you a little bit of visual gravy on our holiday.

If you have been following along at all, at this point you get the idea that I truly love what I do. This can however get a bit tricky at times (read important holidays) with the ones that matter most to me. For example I can't remember the last time I sat down to a mothers day dinner. I try my best to pull off Thanksgiving. The Christmas holiday season is the craziest at the restaurant. I am not complaining it's just that there are so many more things I would like to do for them and with them. I know that my family understands, yet it has always been difficult for me to divide myself between the Family and the Restaurant. The People and the Thing.
Squeezing in birthdays, communions, graduations, that's another story!

The big one for me, and really, not my wife but me, is St. Valentines Day. I really try to let her know how important she is to me, to us, everyday. But, Valentines Day is that one day that I am supposed to remind her out loud. In front of everyone. Yet, every year we are flooded with reservations at the restaurant. The prep and planning take over my world. Inevitably I never pull off the big romantic plan. If it does bother her she doesn't let on.

Well this year I planned ahead, made reservations, and lined up all of my ducks, even babysitting, and if you have kids you know how difficult that can be. Well, OK most of my ducks. I didn't factor in that I had scheduled our precious Valentines weekend when the kids had off from school for presidents day. Major wrinkle because we like to maximize time with them and the days off from school usually correspond with my days off. So we had to reschedule.

And now, here we are, one month later. Thanks to friends and family, babysitters and dog walkers, keys to a midtown apartment, you get a glimpse at a chef's valentines day.

1:00 Lunch Reservations

Tabla for drinks at 4:00

back to the apartment to change after a bit of retail therapy at the Time Warner Center

St. Marks.
Story telling

9:30 cocktails at PDT. a bar hidden
in a hot dog stand accessed thru a vintage phone booth


We capped off our weekend with a wine tasting on Tuesday afternoon which is way my post is a few days late. I hope you enjoyed my snap shots but, I look forward to Rob's Images next time!

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