Tuesday, February 16, 2010

making the bed

OK, I'll admit it, as a kid making the bed was not my thing.But, my mom had a rule, you were allowed to keep your room as clean or as messy as you liked as long as your bed was made. So, you do the math. By the way, she did make us clean our rooms for company. Anyway, my bed got made and the rest of the room was a mess. Well as they say, with age comes wisdom. I made my bed, and slept on top of the bedspread. In the morning all the blankets went under the bed and viola it was made. Perfect.Then as I stumbled into early adulthood the whole making the bed thing went out the window (which reminds me of another story) and that part of my life could be a complete and total mess. Just shut the door and go. After Tracey and I got married the bed making responsibilities fell to the last one out of bed. Guess who that was. So if you know me at all, you also know my mantra is "happy wife, happy life". So my friends, I have become a Bed Maker! and actually I enjoy it. The whole thing, straight sheets, fluffed pillows and all. I do occasionally find, that when things get hectic I will be leaving for work saying to myself it's okay to not make the bed today, you don't have time. And then, I stop myself and go back to the bedroom and I make the bed. And the reason is this. I have a friend that I shared a house with before I was married. We were both in that just shut the door phase. Leading busy lives with no time to make the bed. When she felt her life was spinning out of control, like the to do list was just to long and she didn't know where to start. She would make her bed. The reasoning being, She could face all of those things because she could give into them and say to herself "at least the bed is made". Or in my mind, at least I did one thing right today. At the very least, in this crazy world when I feel like I have lost all control, like I don't even know where to start, and will never catch up no matter how many things I cross off the list. At least I know the bed is made. There is the smallest sense of order and control. And I can build on that.

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