Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A walk around the lake

"perhaps the truth depends on a walk around the lake"   Wallace Stevens.

Why is it that we are drawn to water? Something about it that you can't quite describe. Peaceful and relaxing are words that come to mind and then I think of the ocean during a storm or a raging river. The shear power seems immeasurable. Did we humans settle near the water because of efficient transportation? Does it go back farther than that? To survival? After all without a gun I imagine catching a fish is easier than killing a deer. Maybe we came from the water and in our typical human fashion we were just to lazy to leave.

In any case I have always lived near a body of water and I have truly appreciated the benefits of "a walk around the lake" Sometimes with friends and family, other times on my own.

Very often lately it's been for exercise, running, biking, or walking around the lake to try and stay fit. Read "not get old". Yet for as long as I can remember I have gone to the water for other things. And those thing always seem to be there for me. Relaxation, inspiration, perspective, and, well, truth.

The truth is there. Sometimes you find it, sometimes it finds you. If you haven't seen the truth lately, give it a go. It is far to easy to get caught up in the day to day and forget to live. Take your kids, or your friend or your mom. Or leave them all home and get a little alone time with the truth. You deserve it.

And when you're done, swing by the Restaurant you will probably be hungry.

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